Simplifying Business

for Entrepreneurs

“You started your business to have freedom and flexibility while following your passion. Make sure that the operations of running your business doesn’t overwhelm you, or worse, grind your business to a halt.”

Working with you to simplify business processes and understand tools

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“Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification.” — Martin H. Fischer

Reduce overwhelm…

  • run your business faster and easier
  • streamline processes and find tools that add value
  • provide a framework for decision making

Shorten the learning curve…

  • use simple business tools
  • quickly navigate your computer and devices
  • become more comfortable running your business

Take your business to the next level…

  • prepare for outsourcing and mitigate risk
  • take the guesswork out of selecting high-end software
  • have disaster recovery plans

Helping you thrive

Enabling Entrepreneurs by…


  • Simplifying procedures so you can spend time on what’s important to you
  • Understanding your computer and devices as the effective tools they were meant to be 
  • Shortening the learning-curve on the tools you need to make life easier and streamline your business
  • Being prepared to restore your important data should your computer crash or be sabotaged
  • Selecting high-end software solutions and ending the paralysis-by-analysis 
  • Preparing for successful outsourcing

…because you’re trying to reduce your workload, not increase it!

“Be the entrepreneur that thrives!”    ~   Lynda Davidson

How can you set up all the systems you need to run a small business, wear all the hats yourself, and stay focused on your reason for being in business in the first place?

We are the voice of calm for the frustrated business owner. The owner whose business challenges are keeping them up at night and interfering with why they started their business in the first place. The challenges that mire you in the day to day rather than your highest value tasks, and the challenges that have things falling through the cracks.

Using the power of process, we relieve the sense of overwhelm and give you a framework for decision making, enabling you to do more with the resources you have. Bringing corporate level systems-analysis to the entrepreneur to help bridge the gap between business and technology in manageable steps for a small business. You will have processes and tools that add value and solve problems, all in ways that you’re comfortable with!


    LD Micro Services

    Accelerate your business and reduce overwhelm! Hands on session to blitz through simplifying processes, understanding key business tools, and implementing systems that make sense.

    LD GAP Assessment

    Understand the fundamental systems required for a healthy business. Define where you need to spend your time, where you need to refine the steps, and how to effectively close the gap to reach your goals. Create a road map to navigate from where you are to where you want to be.

    LD Custom Services

    Taking you to the next level…

    • Prepare and Initiate outsourcing
    • Manage project scope 
    • Select high-end software
    • Manage 3rd-party installations
    • Application analysis and design
    • Business flow analysis and documentation

    LD Simplify your Business Workshops

    Helping entrepreneurs thrive…

    • Make Invoice & Expense Tracking Fast & Easy
    • Who Did I Talk To Last Week??? 
    • Find What You Need, When You Need It
    • Where’s My Data?! How Do I Get It Back When Disaster Strikes?
    • Finally On Track and Feeling More Productive

    Hands on instruction and tools to ensure you hit the road running!

    Striving to Empower Entrepreneurs

    Enabling entrepreneurs to thrive by helping them create processes and understand tools they need to run their business faster and easier!

    Empowering small business owners to accelerate with systems that support growth!

    Lynda Davidson

    Over 35 years of Business Management and Systems Analyst experience to help you streamline how you run your business so you can focus on growing your business.

    Select high-end software…

    “My business partner/sister and I hired Lynda to assist with improving the processes in our business. Throughout our work with Lynda she was able to help us identify what our unique business requirements were when deciding on software for the clinic. We were using three (plus) different software for billing, booking and data management and it was directly impacting our business. Lynda helped us strategize what features we were looking for in our new software, creating a list of needs and wants. This then allowed us to strategically assess the options available to us to determine the best option for us. Beyond this, she helped us gain valuable insight into the management of running our business. We are very grateful to Lynda and strongly recommend her services.”

    Dr. Stephanie Zelembaba, ND and Dr. Denise Handscomb, ND

    Abaton Integrative Medicine

    Streamline business systems…

    Lynda was helpful to me and my growing business, in that she helped to automate patient scheduling as well as organized digital and physical filing systems. She also created regular back up procedures and annual processes in order to ensure that administrative requirements could be taken care of in a timely and less time consuming fashion. All of this has resulted in making the outsourcing of administrative duties far easier as well as saving me time, energy and money. Lynda has helped create systems that allow for both a personal connection with patients as well as organization, excellent communication and ease of use which I greatly appreciate.”

    Dr. Melissa Howe, N.D., White Pines Naturopathic Clinic

    Shorten the learning-curve…

    “I find myself at a point in life that I’m starting up my own business. Now you run everything, all aspects of the business and there’s no one to delegate too. I thought I had it all covered, even the bookkeeping and accounting. Even though I’ve taken accounting courses since high school, I quickly realized I’ve forgotten most of it and now with new tools and accounting packages on-line, I found myself lost. By chance or circumstance I met Lynda. Using Lynda’s services to shorten the learning curve on doing my own bookkeeping with today’s technology has saved me hours of stressful learning. For me, just knowing when a problem is a small knowledge gap or requires an accountant is a gold mine!”

    Kim Piller

    President, Cornerstone Centre for Continued Learning

    Business coaching…

    “Thanks a lot Lynda for doing this. You know, surrounding myself with mentors or people who know what are the best business practices to employ is something I’ve always tried to do. You’re the first piece!!! And it wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t ask that inquisitive question as to what I was striving to do with the business.

    Thanks a lot again for doing this Lynda! I know who to come to for any decision-type questions in the future!

    John Ng, NSP Online Products

    Partners in success

    Our client’s success speaks for itself…

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