It’s bleak, a little tiring, and potentially overwhelming.

We’ve been in and out of COVID restrictions; people hold diverse, firm, and tenacious beliefs on how to handle precautionary measures; and now there are violent power struggles affecting our world. Meanwhile, our family, medical, and personal struggles did not stop while all this was going on and for some, it got worse.

As with many of you, I have looked at the negative things going on and tried to put it in the best perspective I can.

Of course, I personally can’t change much of what is happening or other people’s views and actions and, in theory, that means I shouldn’t worry about them. But we all know it’s not that simple.

We want to know the outcome. How it will affect us tomorrow, next year, or next decade. We crave certainty.

We can’t know. We never have known.

I don’t know the ‘right’ answer. No one knows the ‘right’ answer.

That doesn’t stop it from creating dissonance in our minds. We create options and stories that attempt to give an answer, better options, or a sense of security. We keep trying to find the answers, something that gives us a sense of certainty. Our brains were designed to solve problems, keep working on solutions, and adapt.

Knowing that our brains work that way can bring some peace if we acknowledge that it is uncomfortable to ‘not know’. To understand that part of our brain is going to keep trying to find solutions and new ideas – and that’s a good thing! Some of those ideas will help us and others, and some of them will forge the path we need to adapt to this ever-changing world. However, it’s not necessary or healthy to allow that thinking to take over all of our thoughts and burn excessive energy.

So I like to focus on being the best person I can be, both physically and mentally; keep going with my daily life and do my best at adding value to my life and other’s lives; connect with people who matter to me and give them the opportunity to feel cared for, important, and connected.

…and I keep going with my daily activities and work. Because I still have things I want to accomplish. Stopping and worrying won’t help me achieve them.

I’d also like to help others achieve their goals.

Take care of you.

Keep on doing.

Be the best person you can be.