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When running your business is getting in the way of growing your business, simplifying systems can free up valuable time.

Losing valuable time?

Learn how to save minutes every day that are costing you hours!

LD Micro Services

Need a road map?

Create and implement a plan to take you where you need to be!

LD GAP Assessment

Scaling up?

Taking you to the next level!

LD Custom Services


Thank you so much for your time today Lynda ❤️ Exactly the right tips and guidance at the right time for me!!

Hi Lynda! Didn’t want to disturb you on your personal after hours, but I am beyond thrilled to announce I have effectively cleaned up my G-drive! Your tips and triggers for developing systems that work for me did exactly that. Thank you for breaking down the idea of triage, as I said, that one was worth its weight in gold for me. Feeling confident and empowered moving forward. With gratitude, Meghan”

Meghan Forbes

LD Micro Services

Save minutes that are costing you hours!

You’ve got a specific problem area and either you have tried and not been able to resolve it yourself, are not sure how to resolve it, you just want someone to solve it for you!

…or, you are overwhelmed with running your business, you’re not ready to hire more staff yet, but you know there has got to be a more efficient way to run a business!

LD Micro Services is an affordable way to empower you to transform your business in a short period of time!

Free 15 min call:

  • discuss areas of concern to ensure fit
  • determine any preperation required


Hourly service ($100/hr, blocks of 10hrs $850)

In a couple of hours we will identify critical systems, simplify, educate, and automate in ways that will free up time for you to focus on growing your business.

  • pin point the most valuable issues to resolve
  • address those top priority issues to make running your business faster and easier
  • focus on how you run your business to refine, implement, automate, and connect with clients
  • learn what you need to know to be comfortable with the tools you need to run your business without being overwhelmed

Available on-site or video call


“Lynda was very organized and efficient in assessing my business needs. Lynda had many good suggestions on how to remedy the organizational issues I was facing and provided me with a workable plan to getting the work done.
I would highly recommend Lynda”

Alexandra Klich

A Very Fine House

LD GAP Assessment

Create a road-map to take you where you need to be!

Are you prepared to take your business to the next level?

Is running your business holding you back from growing your business?

The LD GAP assessment service is like a ‘health check’ for your business. We will work together to identify the gap between where you are and where you need to be and develop a road map of what’s working, red flags to fix, and areas to improve, develop and grow.

Keep the momentum going with accountability and on-going ‘health checks’ to ensure you stay on the right track.

LD GAP Assessment will guide you on the path you need to take to grow your business!

15 min free call to identify fit

  • discuss business and areas of concern
  • ensure service process is the right fit


First Session: 2-3 hours initial session (includes draft road map after session)

  • introduction of GAP Analysis
  • brain-storm current status
  • define your destination
  • Prioritization
  • high level assessment of business processes
  • high level evaluation of consequences and benefits, stakeholders, and feasibility
  • implement one immediate action, process or tool that will move you in the right direction now


Off-site service includes :

  • organization of assessment notes and status of current position to prepare for creation of Road Map document
  • rough draft of Road Map
  • email support


Second Session: 2-3 hours within 2 weeks (includes final road map completion after session)

  • presentation of action item notes and organized positioning from initial assessment session
  • review progress on business process selected from initial visit
  • review action items to confirm value and assess recent business changes or perspectives
  • define road map for GAP closure
  • select next stage of implementation
  • determine resources required to complete selected implementation
  • initiate first steps on selected implementation

Off-site service includes:

  • Completion of GAP Assessment – Road Map
  • email support

Total GAP Assessment $1347

Keep yourself accountable and ensure you implement and create the valuable changes you planned with…

Monthly monitoring for 6 months at $150 per month including:

1 monthly meeting to review:

  • progress on selected implementation from Road Map
  • assess and confirm priorities and business fit, adjust as necessary
  • ensure next steps align with business goals and provide value
  • determine resources required to complete next phase of implementation
  • plan next stage of implementation or next business process to implement
  • initiate first steps on selected implementation

Off-site service includes:

  • email support on GAP assessment and Road Map work



Project Scope and Negotiations…

“Using Lynda’s services to manage project scope, set respectful boundaries, and negotiate while running a successful business is a time and sanity saver!”

Melissa Weiler

Elevated Design

LD Custom Services

Taking you to the next level!

  • Integrating software
  • Prepare and Initiate outsourcing
  • Select high-end software
  • Manage 3rd-party installations
  • Improve project scope management
  • Application analysis and design
  • Business flow analysis and documentation
  • Business start-up training and setup

Prices determined by project. Contact to discuss rates.


Hands on instruction and tools to ensure you hit the road running!

  • Starting A Newsletter
  • Make Invoice & Expense Tracking Fast & Easy
  • Who Did I Talk To Last Week??? Track Your Leads
  • Find What You Need, When You Need It 
  • Where’s My Data?! How Do I Get It Back When Disaster Strikes?
  • Finally On Track and Feeling More Productive

Pricing available for groups and scheduled by request.

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