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When running your business is getting in the way of growing your business, simplifying systems can free up valuable time.

Losing valuable time?

Learn how to save minutes every day that are costing you hours!

LD Micro Services

Need a road map?

Create and implement a plan to take you where you need to be!

LD GAP Assessment

Scaling up?

Taking you to the next level!

LD Custom Services


“LD Business Focus has helped me several times over the past year with some decisions that as a solo entrepreneur I was having some difficulties making. Lynda understands how small businesses develop systems that need to be maintained as the operations grow. Through logical steps, we were able to focus on the important details to make those decisions and in the end save money. Its important to have resources that can help small entrepreneurs make good decisions and LD Business Focus is and will continue to be my go-to resource.”

Carole Blaquiere

Quickbooks Support…

“I cannot express how valuable Lynda is. I used her services when I was setting up a new business. I was brand new to Quickbooks. She took the time to go through it with me and make sure, not only that I was doing things correctly but that I understood what I was learning. Accounting is not my favourite part of business but she made it less daunting and made me much more organized. I would highly recommend her.”

Holly Schefold

LD Micro Services

Save minutes that are costing you hours!

Frustrated and overwhelmed with processes and systems that are no longer serving your growing business?

Need help finding the right systems? Not sure where to start, let-alone select from the hundreds of options out there?

Sometimes you simply need to feel more comfortable with the tools and processes you have.

Whether you need business systems strategy, or support from a QuickBooks Advanced ProAdvisor, LD Business Focus can shorten your learning curve and set your business in the right direction for the growth you are looking for.

LD Micro Services will empower you to transform your business in a short period of time!

Hourly service ($150/hr)

Here are a few extra details of my services:

Business Systems Strategizing:

  • pinpoint the most valuable issues to resolve first
  • dig into the business problem that needs to be resolved
  • understand the value of the solutions you are looking for

QuickBooks Advanced ProAdvisor consulting:

  • learn how to use QuickBooks with ease
  • find out what’s important and what you can skip
  • remove the fear of doing something wrong and having to fix it
  • integrate other software with QuickBooks – and have it work!
  • creative solutions for your business needs
  • Know the difference between entry error, software error, and when to ask your accountant

Have an issue you think I might be able to help with? Contact me directly, and let’s chat.


“Lynda was very organized and efficient in assessing my business needs. Lynda had many good suggestions on how to remedy the organizational issues I was facing and provided me with a workable plan to getting the work done.
I would highly recommend Lynda”

Alexandra Klich

A Very Fine House

LD GAP Assessment

Create a road-map to take you where you need to be!

Are you prepared to take your business to the next level?

Is running your business holding you back from growing your business?

The LD GAP assessment service is like a ‘health check’ for your business. We will work together to identify the gap between where you are and where you need to be and develop a road map of what’s working, red flags to fix, and areas to improve, develop and grow.

Keep the momentum going with accountability and on-going ‘health checks’ to ensure you stay on the right track.

LD GAP Assessment will guide you on the path you need to take to grow your business!

Project Scope and Negotiations…

“Using Lynda’s services to manage project scope, set respectful boundaries, and negotiate while running a successful business is a time and sanity saver!”

Melissa Weiler

Elevated Design

LD Custom Services

Taking you to the next level!

  • Define business requirements for software selection
  • Assist with software selection
  • Integrate software with Quickbooks
  • Prepare for successful outsourcing
  • Manage 3rd-party software installations
  • Improve project scope management
  • Application analysis and design
  • Business flow analysis and documentation
  • Business start-up training and setup

Prices determined by project. Contact to discuss rates.

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